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Temperature lines

The temperature lines with sensors generate monitoring data to the system. The sensors are installed as standard with 1-, 2- or 3-meter intervals, regardless of the length of the temperature line, which is adapted based on needs. All temperature lines are designed for long lasting and continuous operation. No sensor calibration or maintenance is required.

Temperaturlina GWSL1100

  • Takbelastning under tömning/fyllning 25 kg/m.
  • Draghållfasthet mer än 2 500 kg.
  • Diameter 10 mm.
  • Används normalt upp till 40 m.
  • Tre upphängningstyper.

Temperaturlina GWSL2100

  • Takbelastning under tömning/fyllning 50 kg/m.
  • Draghållfasthet mer än 8 000 kg.
  • Diameter 17 mm.
  • Används normalt upp till 80 m.
  • Tre upphängningstyper.

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