The pioneers of digital grain storage

Grain Cloud is based on the idea of total control of your grain work. Leading to superior harvest quality and great insights. Founded in 1914 we have for a long time been the front runner in the world of professional farming. And the pioneers of going digital in the grain storage industry. Experience a new world of visionary digital solutions for your daily grain handling. Always aimed at increased profitability.

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Get full control, superior grain quality, great insights and the ability
to remotely initiate processes. The products of the Grain Cloud family are made
to fit all levels of agricultural facilities.

Grain App

The Complete Grain Facility Overview

Grain App is your ground-breaking grain facility app that optimizes work flow, minimizes downtime and saves money.


Get Full Control of Your Harvest

The elevator scale that measures your loads of grain.

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Facilitate Your Equipment Operation

Your user-friendly and complete system control.

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Zero Waste. Full Harvest Profit.

Temperature monitoring systems for grain silos.

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From Harvest to Home

Grain Cloud is all about contributing and keeping track of the entire value chain, from harvest to home. To be able to optimize and develop processes which can contribute to a more sustainable and more traceable agriculture. Whether you are a producer or a consumer.

Grain App Services

“We have created a unique digital opportunity for farming professionals around the world to reap the rewards of their work.”

– Joakim & Jonas Larsson, Founders of Grain Cloud

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