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Get Full Control of Your Harvest

The elevator scale that weighs your loads of grain from the field.

The result is clearly presented and gives you full control over your harvest, your total storage in real time, per variety and field as well as yield per hectare. By simply specifying in the Grain App which field the harvest you are loading comes from, the quantity is automatically registered to your inventory balance.


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Complete Control

No more guessing, from now on you will get a total crop year balance, in real time, with detailed info of yield per hectare, field, crop and variety.


Fast delivery and about two hours installation and then everything is up and running and the first cart can be tipped in.

Simple & Affordable

When using Grain App, inventory status is always within easy reach, regardless of time and place. The supervisor of the facility can directly check the status if a grain buyer calls and asks.

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Download the free version of Grain App to familiarize yourself with the app before you make up your mind to get the full version.



“Compared to a car scale, this was a very quick solution. It took a couple of hours to install and then everything was up and running.”

– David Andrae, Operations Manager at Degeberg Holding

Hardware and Software

The Grain Balance Scale consists of hardware, which is delivered as a sensor kit* and a connection unit, as well as software in the form of display in the Grain App.
The sensor(s) measure data from the transport equipment, which through the connection unit sends the data to the cloud, where the weight of the loaded batch is calculated and presented in real time to the farmer in the Grain App.

When ordering the Grain Balance Scale, the farmer receives an easy-to-install package with the hardware. The Grain Balance Scale works with all elevators with gear box motors manufactured by Skandia Elevator. Install the device on your existing elevator and experience the benefits.

*Depending on the purposes for which the elevator is used in the flow, one or two sensor kits may be needed for the system to detect and calculate an automatic loading.

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