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This is How Grain Control works

Below you will find additional information on how the products within Grain Control work.


The Silos Plan gives a quick overview of the silos content.

The colors and symbols indicate the type of grain in each location.

Overview grain content of the intake pit when grain is coming from the fields.

Transport widget for presenting selected transport. Quick access to making new selections.

Click on a silo to get more detailed information about the content of that silo.

Content of intake is clearly indicated. The system won’t start until the content is selected. To avoid starting a transport with unknown grain.

The grain information is moved from silo to silo during transport. Thus, keeping the silo content always updated.

Clear warning when trying to mix different types of Grain. The system won’t start a transport when grain may be mixed.

Drier status is indicated*

Elevator load is indicated*

* Optional addition that needs to be ordered separately.

A Silo Plan is used to select a starting point and end point of transport. No need to worry about which machine that is needed for the transport, the system takes care of that for you.

Colored frames and arrows indicate which locations are involved in the different kinds of transports. They give a quick display of which transports that are in progress.

The system handles automatic queuing of silo location.

Add up to five locations to transport from or transport to.

The system automatically advances from one silo location to another in the list.

Makes it possible to plan the intake or drying process in the evening before starting the job the day after. Reduces stress and mistakes during the stressful harvest time.

The Grain content of each Silo is clearly indicated during transport planning. This makes it easy to select the right locations and avoids mistakes.

The traditional Flow Chart View shows which machines are being used for each Transport.

One color for each Transport so that it’s easy to know which machine is involved in each run.

Each machine can be accessed for detail setting if required.

Note: The number of parallel Transport processes possible depends on the number of Transport Equipment available and how the physical connections are set up between them.

Alarm history on all different machines.

Suggested solutions for each alarm.

Detailed information about the alarm.

Complete list for all your equipment.

Running hours for all machines.

Number of start / stops.

Full documentation of all Skandia products.

Assembly instruction.

Maintenance instruction.

Product sheet.

Connection instruction.

Full digital solution for your grain storage.

Always access your grain storage.

All common crops are predefined in a scroll list.

Easy to modify definitions for special crops.

When you fill your drier with freshly harvested grain with varying moisture content, a sensor senses the nature of the material early in the flow. This provides input to the regulator if variations occur on incoming material. This, together with an extra temperature sensor in the cooling zone, makes the drier significantly more efficient and accurate in terms of finished dried material. The longer the drier is used, the more the regulator learns about how different variations affect the process and how it should regulate in the future.

Interface with high usability
A continuous reading from the Sensors is displayed on the panel of your Grain Control Drier. The panel has a smart interface that makes it ideal in terms of usability. It can be integrated to a wide range of different external systems, making it possible for the user’s own business system to interact with the interface, offering a lot of varied opportunities.

The Grain Control Drier AMY system is backwards compatible, which means that it can be connected to all AMY systems.

This is How Grain Watch works

Below you can filtrate between our different Grain Watch products, to get all the details of interest as well as overview of interfaces and more.


This is how Grain Balance works

Below you can filtrate between our different Grain Balance products, to get all the details of interest as well as overview of interfaces and more.

Always access to your grain storage.

Complete overview of all different crops in your storage.

Easy to survey your storage.

Choose the field you are harvesting and the app will take care of the rest.

Easy access of the last loading data.

Undefined loadings are very easy to define afterwards.

Seven days summary of total loadings per/day.

Easy setup of fields.

Easy to define which crop you are growing on each field.

All common crops are predefined in a scroll list.

Easy to modify definitions for special crops.

Automatic calculation of yield/field.

The app supports annual harvest management.

Access your last year's data for inter-year evaluation.

Full, quick and efficient support of the import of your cultivated crops and fields from Dataväxt.