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Over 100 Years of Open-minded Innovations

The Grain Cloud brand was founded by Skandia Elevator AB, a family company now run by the third generation.

Skandia Elevator was founded in 1914 by the brothers Nils and Gustav Larsson, two farmers’ sons who started manufacturing threshing machines. Almost a century later, the company is still based in Arentorp in Vara municipality, and is run by Nils’ grandchildren, Joakim and Jonas Larsson.

Over the years, the company has developed from a small, local agricultural company to Europe’s market leader in grain transport systems with export markets all over the world.

Part of the World’s Digital Transformation

Skandia Elevator´s vision is to be the most wanted for the next generation farming professionals. This vision underlines the fact that the company is today part of the world’s digital transformation within the professional agricultural industry.

After Skandia Elevator had reached the goal of becoming the leading manufacturer of grain transport equipment in Europe, a new strategy for product development was created. The new goal is:

To be the leader in smart grain transport equipment. And to be one of the leaders in delivering grain plant data and knowledge to professional farmers.

Therefore, in 2017 the company founded the Grain Cloud brand with its innovative products as a completely new business area embodied in three product groups.

2021 was a historic year in Skandia Elevator’s history, when the company made its very first acquisitions. The company became the full owner of the temperature line company Liros Electronics i Malmö AB and part owner of the automation company Automations Teknik i Lidköping AB. Both acquisitions were made to strengthen the Grain Cloud brand and continue the in-house development of the product groups Grain Control and Grain Watch.

From Harvest to Home

Grain cloud’s vision is called “From harvest to home”. It summarizes the strive to offer our customers and their customers lots of value that makes their work easier, more efficient and ultimately cost-saving. We do this through our long experience and knowledge in the grain industry combined with new technology that achieves traceability and increased knowledge through the entire grain value chain.

European Innovation Partnership

Grain Cloud is part of an EIP Agri project since 2020 which aims to provide the Grain Cloud vision by creating traceability functions to follow the grain’s path from “Harvest to home” through better and more efficient control over quantity, quality and sorting of the grain in the plant.

The innovation project includes several partners with competence and knowledge in the grain industry and its value chain as well as automation and software development.

The common goal is to develop decision support that provides added value and contributes to increased profitability for professional farmers.

Project Partners

Agroväst Livsmedel AB

Automations Teknik i Lidköping AB

CNet Svenska AB

Hedåkers Säteri AB

Varaslättens Lagerhus


New partnership – Dataväxt
Since October 13, 2022, Grain Cloud teamed up with Dataväxt. The partnership initially involves a connection between the Dataväxt plant breeding program Nya DataVäxt, Sweden’s best-selling plant breeding program. An effective web-based tool for the farmer to plan, document and analyze plant cultivation in a quick and easy way.

The partnership provides added value for farmers who use products from both Dataväxt and Grain Cloud. In particular, farmers with the products Nya DataVäxt and Grain Balance Scale.

Grain Balance Scale is an elevator scale that measures your harvest. You get full control over the harvest by presenting the results in a explicit way on your mobile via Grain App. The harvest is linked to each field on which the grain is grown. Using field size information, yield per hectare is calculated, so you know what result you got from growing each field.

Possible to easily start digitizing agriculture
In Nya DataVäxt there is information about each field, such as its size and which crop is grown. This means that it will be possible to import the entire plant set of fields into Grain Cloud. Then the farmer avoid duplication of work and it’s enough to update before each harvest. After that, the Grain Balance Scale is ready to easily record the intake of the crop. After harvesting, the farmer sees the total grain stock and when selling, the farmer can easily reduce the balance. In this way, the farmer always has an updated balance in the mobile phone.

“Grain Balance Scale is an innovative product that utilizes our hundred years of experience in developing bucket elevators. Now we are taking the next step and making it possible to easily start digitizing agriculture. Together with Dataväxt, we give farmers the opportunity to use existing information in their system into our system, all to reduce duplication and increase efficiency. We are also taking a big first step in creating traceability from field to grain stock. We see fantastic opportunities to continue creating traceability together with Dataväxt”, says Joakim Larsson, CEO and co-owner of Skandia Elevator.

Part of the Grain Cloud family
Grain Balance Scale is a product within the Grain Cloud brand, owned and developed by Skandia Elevator – and which is based on the idea of giving the farmer total control over the grain work on the farm.

The digital products within Grain Cloud allow the farmer to optimize the entire value chain and create a traceable and sustainable agriculture. The result is superior control over the grain, invaluable insights and the ability to initiate, modify and terminate processes remotely.

Activate the function in Nya Dataväxt
To gain access to the function, the farmer must first activate it in Nya DataVäxt. Then the farmer can easily import data from Nya DataVäxt to Grain Cloud under settings in the Grain App.

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New partnership – Improvin’
Since December 15, 2022, Grain Cloud teamed up with Improvin’. This
partnership explores the value of data exchange in enhancing the transparency
of the grain supply chain. Both sides see enhanced supply chain
transparency as essential for reaching environmental and financial sustainability.

Improvin’ accelerates the food industry’s transition towards more sustainable
food production. With Improvin’s AI-powered platform, food businesses can
measure and report their supply chain specific Scope 3 emissions and verify their
climate footprint, at scale. In addition, companies can incentivize emission
reductions in their own value chain using a verified process and ongoing
monitoring of primary data.

Grain Cloud provides the Grain App which gives growers total control over their
grain work and collects grain data, e.g. weight, drying temperature and energy
use, to a database.

“Grain Cloud is focused on increasing knowledge and profitability in agriculture.
Together with Improvin’, we have a chance to investigate the value of the
traceable grain supply chain. We see fantastic opportunities in this joint effort
and believe that it will provide great value for our customers”
, says Joakim
Larsson, CEO and co-owner of Skandia Elevator.

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