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Facilitate Your Equipment Operation

A user-friendly and complete system control.

Grain Control is the next generation cloud-based management of your grain equipment. Our different Grain Control products let professional farmers operate efficiently with great insights into key grain facility processes, leading to a successful operation and a healthier work environment. Change to an ideal system solution for superior peace of mind. Always with full control in your app.

Grain Control Flow

User-friendly System Control for a safer Grain Flow.

Grain Control Flow takes usability to a new level with cloud-based management of your grain equipment. Just make a predetermined silo plan for the harvest and Grain Control Flow takes care of the operation, efficiently minimizing the risk of grain being mixed. Configuration is both easy and remote – thus saving time and money. Change to an ideal system solution for a grain flow with a solid economy.

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The Benefits of Grain Control Flow:

  • Modern and innovative interface.
  • Full grain overview with silo inventory.
  • Easier transport planning with grain inventory instead of starting individual machines. The system automatically starts and stops the machines to perform transports.
  • Prioritize intake from fields for automatic drying and batch queuing of transport sources and destinations for most effective harvesting operations.
  • Safe operation that minimizes the risk of grain being mixed.
  • System can be equipped with flow control to optimize transport speed without blocking or stopping.
  • Simplified remote support and service.
  • Easy and quick to add accessory or to extend the facilities.
  • System performance can continuously be upgraded.
  • Provides an excellent return on investment.

Grain Control Drier AMY

The ultimate drying of your grain.

When you fill the drier with newly harvested grain, it contains moist. With our Grain Control Drier AMY you will remove the moist in the most efficient and fast way as possible.

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The Benefits of Grain Control Drier AMY

Easier drying

Grain Control Drier is a quality regulator and control unit for ultimate drying of your grain. This AMY regulator will select feed-out speed from your grain drier depending on input from the different sensors and your own panel setting.

Save energy

With the effective drying process offered by Grain Control Drier a more energy efficient production is in reach for the agricultural sector. Meaning boosted economy and enhanced potential of achieving the energy saving objectives set by authorities.

Backwards compatible

The Grain Control Drier system is backwards compatible, which means that it can be connected to all AMY systems.

“I have never before had such good control of my stored volumes as this year.”

– Juha Kallio, Owner of Kallio Farmz

Grain Control Drier AMY Components

Grain Control Drier AMY can be installed in all continuous grain driers from small farm size to large industrial.
The system consists of the following components:

Main-sensor & Pre-sensor

The sensors consist of a holder with sensors and two 4-meter-long cables to be mounted inside the drier accordingly to instructions.

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Signal Amplifier

HCS 200 is a vital part of the HCS sensors. The amplifier is encased in a rigid and dust proof box and connects to the HCS Sensors with two wires.

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Grain Control Drier Unit AMY

The Drier Unit is used to regulate the drying cycles. It consists of a PLC that can be fitted with a 5´ touch screen or be connected to Grain App or ModBus.

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