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Zero Waste. Full Harvest Profit.

Temperature monitoring systems for grain silos.

Maintain your harvest quality through Grain Watch – your state-of-the-art temperature monitoring system for grain silos. The system works through custom fit temperature templines and is cloud-based, which means total control of your grain temperature and data about related matters. Consequently, enabling a secure handling of your harvest, with zero waste.

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  • Total control of your silo temperature.

  • Cloud-based and fully automated supervision.

  • Helps you maintain your grain quality.

  • Compatible with all types of grain storages as well as pellet and chip storage.

  • Easy to install in newly constructed facilities or existing ones.

  • The system is modular and therefore easily expanded.

  • Waste less, profit more.

Grain Watch Advanced is our ATEX-rated grain silo monitoring package for large-scale industrial agriculture. It comes with a control box linked to parallel connected templines, that measures the temperature in the silo as well as degree of filling. Grain Watch Advanced provides total control of your harvest storage and gives you total traceability of the stored grain over time, and visualized in depth on your computer. In other words, fully advanced grain monitoring offering a profitable way of ensuring your harvest.

  • Full control of your large-scale agriculture storage.
  • Easy to connect both locally and via the cloud.
  • Easy monitoring.
  • Available in English, German, French, Swedish.
  • Patent for level measurement.
  • Main, pre and trend alarm
  • Analysis tools & historical data

Grain Watch Standard is our new smart grain silo monitoring package for small-scale farming. Through robust templines, it provides full control of your harvest storage, where you easily keep track of temperature and degree of silo filling in Grain App. Fast wiring and smooth assembly makes it easy to install, giving you immediate tools for ensuring your harvest.


  • Full control of your small-scale agriculture.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Smooth assembly.
  • Easy monitoring in the app.
  • Integrated internet access.
  • Main and Trend alarm.

Smart Interface

The software provides a smart interface that gives both easily accessible security and great insights for a more profitable grain handling.


Ground-breaking Usability

The system is designed with great functionality in mind. Making it easy to achieve your goals of grain management.

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Grain Watch offers different levels of software, optimized for both large- and small-scale agriculture.

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The temperature cables are so-called templines that provide the Grain Watch system with instant data.

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Learn about Grain Watch’s gateways that provide smooth system connection.

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