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Monitoring system for temperature in grain storage.

Maintain your grain quality through Grain Watch – a state-of-the-art monitoring system for monitoring grain temperature. The system uses specially adapted temperature lines that measure and generate data that is stored in Grain Cloud and visualized in two different interfaces depending on the choice of product. The result provides total control over the stored grain.

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  • Total control of your silo temperature.

  • Cloud-based and fully automated supervision.

  • Helps you maintain your grain quality.

  • Compatible with all types of grain storages as well as pellet and chip storage.

  • Easy to install in newly constructed facilities or existing ones.

  • Patented level measurement of your stock.

  • System is modular.

  • ATEX and IECEx approved.

Grain Watch Advanced is our ATEX-rated monitoring system for grains in large scale industrial agriculture. The monitoring system measures the temperature and level of the grain continuously with built-in history analysis tool. Grain Watch Advanced provides total control over your storage and full traceability of the stored grain over time, all visualized in a smart web-based interface.

  • Full control over your large scale storage.
  • Easy access both locally and via the cloud.
  • Easy monitoring.
  • Patented level measurement.
  • Main, pre- and trend alarms are notified via email.
  • Analysis tool & data history shown in the interface.
  • Available in English, German, French and Swedish.

Grain Watch Standard is our smart monitoring system for grain storage in small scale agriculture. Through robust temperature lines, you get full control over your stored grain, where you easily keep track of temperature and history via the Grain App. Quick and easy installation makes it easy to ensure monitoring of your grain.

  • Full control of your small scale storage.
  • Quick and smooth installation.
  • Integrated internet connection.
  • Simple monitoring in mobile interface.
  • Main and trend alarms are notified via Grain App.

Grain Watch Advanced – Smart web based interface

The smart web based interface provides both easily accessible security and beneficial insights for more profitable grain management.


Grain Watch Standard – Grain App

Grain Watch Standard uses Grain App as interface, which is unified and used by several Grain Cloud products.

In Grain App, you can easily monitor the temperature of your grain storage remotely.

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Components for Grain Watch


Grain Watch offers two different interfaces. Grain Watch Standard is available via the Grain App and Grain Watch Advanced is available via the web as well as locally on PC.

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Temperature lines

The temperature lines with digital sensors generate monitoring data to the system.

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Network switch & Network controller

The network switch connects the temperature lines and the network controller that connects the network switch to the connection unit, for the product Grain Watch Standard.

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Connection unit

The connection unit is connected to the Network Controller and thus provides the opportunity to connect to Grain App, the interface for the product Grain Watch Standard.

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